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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Doro big-button phone: nice idea, dreadful design: AVOID

Doro make a range of phones with nice big buttons, including a number of quick-dial buttons that will take a photo - like the 331ph:

Nice buttons, great to be able to insert photos. BUT the product will not do what many people need because the moment you unplug the phone, the quick-dial memories are lost.

Who is this phone for? Most obviously, those who get a bit confused - the sort of people who don't want to be following instruction books telling them how to save a programmed number. Their phones will be programmed by family or friends when they visit. Or - as in my case - programmed by a distant relative, who then sends the phone by post to be plugged in by a carer.

So what a stupid decision to have a cut-price design that fails to maintain the memories when the phone is unplugged. So you can't program the phone and send it to someone. You can't even count on delivering it to them and leaving it set up: if the user or a carer unplugs it (to do the cleaning, perhaps, or to move furniture) then the memories are lost and the phone's prime function is lost until you visit again and reprogram the buttons.

Completely useless - I bought one from Amazon, and I am trying to persuade them they shouldn't offer a phone with this sort of pitfall waiting to waste buyers' time.


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